4 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Countertop Options

Many new homeowners choose to do mini kitchen makeovers when they move into their first starter home, especially since many times they need to buy new appliances. While they may not be able to afford new cabinetry, painting the cupboards, replacing the hardware, and adding new flooring and countertops can create a whole new updated look. Choosing a new paint color or flooring is easy enough but picking out new countertops requires an understanding of the different budget-friendly materials available. Here's a look at several economical options.

1. Wood Countertops

Kitchen countertops made of wood will add warmth and depth to your kitchen. This is a perfect option in older country homes or if you love the popular "farmhouse" décor style. Because it is a softer natural material, more care will need to be taken, such as using a cutting board when chopping vegetables, but it can also be repeatedly sanded, oiled, or sealed. Wood will also stand the test of time as it never becomes outdated as trendy, modern materials do. Additionally, it will develop a nice patina over time.

2. Stainless Steel Laminate

If you love the sleek look of stainless steel appliances and want a more contemporary look for your new kitchen, consider stainless steel countertops. These countertops are durable, inexpensive, and they also age well. An artificial patina can also be induced with special chemicals.

3. Laminate

Formica and other brand name companies that specialize in laminate have come a long way since the gold glitter-flecked countertops of the past century. Laminate countertops come in dozens of colors and improved printing technology allow for patterns that make it look like identical to high-end materials such as marble or soapstone. Laminate countertops are probably the least expensive option, making it an excellent choice for the savvy consumer. Laminate is also a good option if you plan on a bigger kitchen renovation a few years down the line but need an update now. Quality laminate can last for decades if care is taken to not get it really wet.

4. Concrete

Cement countertops are yet another inexpensive option that gives a high-end, trendy feel. They may be modern, but they will likely stand the test of time as well, becoming a new classic. They can be formed in non-standard shapes, and if a chic industrial gray isn't your style, the concrete can be tinted. It can also be stamped with a pattern, or decorative finishes can be applied.

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