Creating The Right Laundry Room

If you have decided that you would like to create a dream laundry room in your home, then it may be easier than you think. Since a lot of homes have the washers and driers stuffed into closet areas, many people would view the addition of a laundry room as a fantastic change in their home. Here are some of the things you can do to add the perfect laundry room in your home:

Find the right area for your laundry room:

When it comes to choosing the right spot for your laundry room, there are a few of things to consider. First, you want to make sure it isn't going to be placed in an area where the noises are going to bother you when you are trying to relax, watching TV, or trying to get a good nights sleep in your room. This means trying to place it in an area of the home where you don't spend a lot of time. You also want to make sure the space has ample rom for the few important things you need. You also want to have access to a water source so that the plumbing will be a breeze. You may be able to convert an enclosed porch to a laundry room, use a part of an oversized dining room or even convert a portion of your garage into a laundry room.

Know what you need to fit in the perfect laundry room:

The perfect laundry room doesn't need to be huge, but it should give you just enough space to do your laundry without bumping into things, have an area to sort and fold clothes, have a sink right there for you to work out stains and have an area for an ironing board. The items that are must-haves in a laundry room include –

  • A washer
  • A drier
  • A fairly long counter
  • A stand-alone sink
  • A pull-down ironing board
  • Cupboards for your soaps, iron, drier sheets, stain lifters, etc.

Consider space-saving options:

If you are working with limited space, then you may want to have a counter put in that has the sink in it and off to one side. This will save you more space than having both a counter and a stand-alone sink installed. Also, you may want to go with a stackable washer and dryer set. This is a great way for you to have a washer and dryer installed that only take up the floor space of one unit, instead of two.

For more information, contact a local appliance store