Are Your Clothes Faded, Worn, or Smelly? 3 Tips That Will Help You Improve Laundry Day

At some point in time you learned the basics of how to use a washing machine: sort your clothes, throw them in on a cold or warm setting, and then dry them. However, in order to really get your clothes clean and keep them in good shape, you need to master the nuances of washing. Here are a few tips that will turn you into a washing master.

#1 Always Deal With Stains Right Away

When you get food, liquids, or other foreign substances on your clothing, do not wait until the end of the day to address the substances. You stand a better chance of removing the stain if you take action as soon as the stain occurs.

If you are out and about, go to the restroom and rinse the area off using water or a wet paper towel as well as you can; apply a little soap to the stain to remove it if you can. If you are at home, let the stained item soak in some water with a little detergent, then come back and scrub the stain after it has soaked for a while. If you can, try to wash your clothes the same day that the stain happened so that you not only reduce its appearance, but so that the odors don't bind with the fibers.

#2 Learn To Really Sort Your Clothes

Second, you need to learn how to really separate your clothing. If you really want your clothes to be clean and to last as long as possible, you need to move beyond just separating your dark-colored clothes from your light-colored clothes.

You should first sort your clothes into five separate color piles: entirely white clothes, light-colored clothes that include large white areas, bright-colored clothes such as yellows oranges and reds, dark colored clothes such as browns, blacks, and blues, and undergarments.

Next, you need to take those piles and break them down by fabric type. Put all the clothes that generates a lot of lint, such as sweatshirts, towels, and flannels, together. Then, put all clothes that do not shed a lot of lint together.

Finally, read the tags on all of your clothing and see what temperature they are supposed to be washed at. You may need to break up the piles you made previously into smaller loads in order to use the temperature they are supposed to be washed at. 

#3 Stop Stuffing Your Washer Full Of Clothes

You should not fill your washer so much that the clothing reaches the lid or so much that the clothing is snug and tight against the washer walls. When you do this, you overload your washer, and your clothes are not cleaned effectively. You can talk with a professional, like Hudson Appliance Center, to see exactly how high you can fill your washer, since front-loading and top-loading washers can have differences. A good rule of thumb is to only fill your washer up about 3/4 of the way; that way, your clothes have some room to move around and get clean in.