Are You Inviting Trouble To Your Home? Deter Intruders And Burglars From Your Property

Is your home protected from intruders? If you want to prevent the chance of a burglary in your home, there are some steps that you can take to help keep your family safe.

Try these tactics to deter burglars and intruders:

Keep the shades drawn. Intruders may sit and watch a house to determine if they want to venture inside. Keep your shades drawn so that these predators can't see the inside of your home, your belongings, or your family, especially at night.

Watch what you toss out. Some burglars may watch homes in a neighborhood to see what they have recently bought by examining their trash. Don't toss out fancy shopping bags or boxes from new electronics that could lure thieves to your home. Break these items down, and recycle or wrap them tightly in opaque bags to prevent prying eyes from seeing what's inside.

Don't underestimate social media. Be wary of boasting on social media about new purchases, acquisitions, and belongings, as you can never be sure who has access to this information and might decide to come take it. Also, don't advertise to everyone on social media when you are away or out of town. Save the photos and details until you return.

Pay attention to your landscaping. Intruders love to lurk in landscaping, so be sure to trim and prune hedges or trees that could provide them with a place to hide.

Invest in motion sensors. Motion-sensor lights outside your home serve a couple of purposes. First, they can startle an intruder or burglar lurking in the shadows, and second, they can illuminate your property, giving neighbors or passers-by more of a likelihood to see someone creeping around your house.

Keep indoor lights on a timer. It is less likely that you will be targeted by burglars if they think that people are at home. Put your indoor lights on a timer every day when you leave the house so that, even if you aren't home, it will look like you are.

Think like a bad guy. Take a good look at your home through the eyes of a potential intruder; are there some weak areas that need reinforcing? Beef up and reinforce entry points including any windows or glass near doors that could present an entry opportunity for a burglar. Install deadbolts on the doors to your home, too.

Keep your home locked up. Believe it or not, around 30 percent of people victimized by theft left their homes open and unlocked, inviting trouble inside. Keep your doors locked, including the front door.  It is estimated that around one-third of home intruders enter the home right through the front door.

Spring for wireless alarm systems. Crooks and burglars will cut the lines and wires to your alarm system if they really want to gain entry inside. Prevent this opportunity by investing in wireless systems that will keep you, your family, and your belongings safer.

Every 15 seconds, a home is burglarized. Don't let your home be one of these statistics. Take steps to protect your home and property, and invest in an alarm system that will keep eyes on your home and family when you are not there to protect them. Contact a company like Alliance Appliance Of Rockland & Authentic Alarm for more info.