What Everyone Should Know About Using Their Oven

Once you've used an oven a handful of times, you pretty much consider yourself an oven master. However, the reality is that some people don't really know as much about their oven as they think, particularly when it comes to cooking. The more you know about using your oven, the better your cooking experience will be. Here are just a handful of handy tips to assist you when cooking with your oven.  

Stop Peeking

Although you might be anxious to see how brown your biscuits are or how well your cake is rising, don't open your oven door for a closer look. When you open the door of the oven you only make matters worse. Each time you open the door you can lose anywhere between 20 and 25 degrees of heat.

When it comes to cooking your food evenly, this much of a heat loss can make a huge difference and extend the time it takes to cook your meal. Resist your urge to peek and rely on the oven window for a glimpse inside.

Don't Overlook Preheating

Don't let your haste to get dinner on the table cause you to skip preheating. Depending on how high of a temperature you're trying to reach, it can take several minutes for an oven to reach the accurate temperature. Food that is placed in the oven during the preheating phase ends up being cooked longer than necessary, which can cause the food to dry out.

In addition to how high of a temperature you're trying to reach, how long your food needs to cook will also offer an indication of your preheating time. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the cook time, the shorter the preheat time and vice-versa.

Choose The Right Cookware

The type of cookware you use in your oven makes a real difference when it comes to the appearance and taste of your food. It's generally best to avoid cooking with metal pans and choose bakeware made from a ceramic or glass material. The reason for this is that glass can conduct heat better than metal can.

This means that you can cook your food at a lower temperature, which can minimize the amount of moisture your food loses during the cooking process. This won't just make your food more succulent, but it will also make it look better.

The better you know how to use your oven, the better your meals will taste and the more you and your family will enjoy them. If you're unsatisfied with your oven even after these tips, you may need to replace it from a place like Gringer & Sons Inc.